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Ways of Working

I can work independently, with your team, or alongside other consultants in my network, depending on the project’s needs. This is beneficial for projects with diverse skill requirements and spanning multiple locations. I collaborate closely with consultants across Europe and beyond.

In my 24 years of international consulting, I had the privilege of contributing to tangible policy changes and improving health outcomes worldwide. With a global perspective and consultancy experience in both Brussels and London, I am well-versed in health policy communications..

Committed to delivering value, I typically engage in projects of significant scale and complexity. Additionally, I extend special rates to non-profit organisations for deserving causes. For pricing specifics, please reach out to me directly for my daily rate or a per-project quotation.

Policy Analysis

Gain insights into the ever-changing global and European healthcare policy landscape. Receive in-depth analyses, strategic recommendations and actionable insights to navigate policy challenges and seize opportunities.

Steps One to Five

Policy Strategy

Enhance your influence by developing effective strategies for engaging with key stakeholders. Receive guidance on building relationships with policymakers, industry leaders and advocacy groups to drive your healthcare agenda.


Policy Outreach

Leverage my expertise in influencing policy decisions. I actively engage with key stakeholders, policymakers and industry leaders to advocate for policies that resonate with your vision and drive positive change within the healthcare sector.

Case Study Spotlights

Case studies

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